A personal touch

Our company strives to provide every customer with a personal 1-on-1 experience, whether you need new construction, design/build, or tenant finish. We insist on taking a personal and individual approach to every project, regardless of its size or scope. It is our commitment to our customers and our employees that has helped us grow into one of the most trusted commercial electrical contractors in Colorado.

Building more than electrical systems

Since 2003 we have focused on Building Lasting Relationships with each of our customers and employees. Our experienced staff believes and understands that we consistently achieve excellence only through our dedicated commitment to teamwork, trust, communication, and safety. By taking an open, transparent, and honest approach to our every task, we have created trust with every relationship. Over time our established relationships combined with the highest quality workmanship and materials has resulted in a confidence that keeps our customers coming back while strengthening our lasting relationships.

We are committed and honored to work with some of the most trusted partners in the electrical industry.  Our partnerships have been built with confidence through a joint commitment to provide our loyal customers with open communication, cost conscience solutions and long term value.  We are confident that you will find Accent Electrical Service to be an honest, reliable and forward thinking resource for your future electrical projects.

Our long term partnerships have been built with through collaboration to complete projects on time and within budget.  We strive to create joint growth opportunities and provide reliability on each project to create long term relationships and a reputation of teamwork on all of our partner collaborations.  We aim to create an easy, reliable, collaborative process to create room for future growth as well as, ease for everyone involved in the project.


Accent Electrical Services is one of the most sought after employers in the Northern Colorado area.  We provide an excellent work environment and make safety our top priority for every single employee.  Our motto is “Every employee goes home uninjured and healthy every day.”  Our loyal employees appreciate coming to a professional work environment that also knows how to have some fun.  Interested in a great place to work?  Find out more here.

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